Blastbeat-attacks, nasty grinds, threatening melodies and varied brutal growls combined listenably with expressive lyrics opposite to the genre-typical blood&guts-clichee- this is Death Metal as Invokation define it!

-Ascending from aeons passed- the title of the upcoming album by the band from south-western germany- is a subscription for the connection between the spirit of the genres early days and the aggression and energy of today.
Death Metal according to Invokation is a crushing and infecting musical force!
Invokations lyrics deal for example with fear as basic-emotion ad its influence on human existence (PHOBOSCOPE, 2ND SKIN) or allow the incarnated Death Metal to speak for himself (DEATH METAL APOCALYPSE).
Over and above that Invokation feel as a live-band trying to take every opportunity to collect important stage-experience. This includes self-organized exchange-gigs as well, giving other groups the chance to hit the stage and this way building up a network of affiliated bands.
With the Support of CCP Records the debut -Ascending from aeons passed- will be released and promoted by October 26th 2015.

  • Daniel - Drums
  • Daniel

  • Thomas- Gitarre
  • Thomas

  • Peter - Gitarre
  • Peter

  • Mike - Vocals
  • Mike

  • Jan - Bass